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Source: 2021 Census Canada – Mississauga Census

Source: 2021 Census Canada – Mississauga Census

Public Transit Investments & Key Areas Designated for Growth

Source: Infrastructure Ontario

Average Home Prices in Mississauga

Sources: Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, January 2022; Ontario's Housing Supply Action Plan

How does the proposed development for 88 Park St meet the criteria for Ontario’s Growth Plan?

  1. The Growth Plan Concept is centred on 25 Urban Growth Centres including: Downtown Toronto, Downtown Mississauga, Midtown Oakville.
  2. Interlinked by existing and planned higher-order transit corridors, major highways, and rail lines, these areas will absorb the most growth and intensification in the Greater Golden Horseshoe.
  3. The secondary focus of growth and intensification is to transit corridor and station areas, both existing and planned. The Growth Plan identifies a Major Transit Station Area as generally an 800-metre (walkable) area around a higher order transit station.
  4. A major component of the Growth Plan is to support the achievement of complete communities that are healthier, safer, and more equitable. Condominiums provide an equitable solution to the housing needs of Mississauga’s growing population.

In Ontario’s Housing Supply Action Plan, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Steve Clark noted the following findings in a Province-wide survey on how to build more affordable homes in Ontario:

  1. Ontarian’s must protect our environmentally sensitive areas, including the Greenbelt, cultural heritage assets and key employment and agricultural lands.
  2. Government should focus development in areas with existing services, transit and infrastructure.
  3. Government should make the most of infrastructure investments and encourage more density around major transit stations.
  4. Government should facilitate the building of affordable housing options near transit to prevent sprawl and protect agricultural lands.

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